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Grihasthi Udyog


Something About Us:

Grihasthi Udyog, a name reckoned with quality products, a name that spells class & purity was established in the year 1975 with a firm objective to provide qualitative and pure products to its consumers. As its first product, GRIHASTHI introduced Powder Masala to its consumer which received immense success and was an instant hit.The consumers looked forward for more such quality products from us. And this prompted us at GRIHASTHI to add more such products to our credit and as a sequel to its success we added Gota Masala, Fancy Masala, Besan, Sattu, Sarbati Atta, Wheat Dalia and many more products. Over the years GRIHASTHI became a familiar name in every household that is concerned about their family and the secret behind the success has been its quality and freshness.

Something About Spices:

From very ancient days spices are used to Indian recipes. Because spices are not only add taste and aroma to our food, but also add Ayurvedic medicinal properties in our daily meals. It is described in Mythological Ayurvedic Sashtra "Charak Sanghita" written by Pandit Charak one of the renowned ayurvedic practitioner at ancient days. Only to rely upon these concept Turmeric (Haldi) is used in our all religious & cultural programmes such as Puja, Marriage, Bratoponayana etc. Consumption of pure, un-adultrated spices in our day-to-day food is just like to have medicine to keep us away from any sorts of life taking diseases in future and to build-up immunisation system in our body to fight against severe diseases. We believe in "Pure spices is just like medicine and any sorts of adultration is just as poison".

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Chhend Basti,
Rourkela - 769015
, Orissa
Added 2010/06/18 | Updated 2010/06/21
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